Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Testing the limits

Since our neighborhood playground reopened recently, we've been walking there and back nearly every day. While I'm very glad to be able to stroll there instead of drive, it's become a walk for which I must steel myself -- as Jack tests his limits and mine.

Jack doesn't like his stroller. It's been sitting in our dining room for a few months now, completely unused. We can sometimes lure Jack onto his push-tricycle, but mostly he wants to walk. Unfortunately, he has become reluctant to hold my hand, and a few times he has darted away into the street. We talk about this over and over, but he hasn't stopped doing it, so every time we set out on the 8 block walk, I will myself into hyper-vigilance mode.

After a few weeks of his occasional running offs, I noticed that Jack pauses while walking before he darts away, as if considering which way leads to the nearest train display. Now if he stops and I'm not holding his hand, I quietly grab him before he can take any action.

I know this is just a stage he'll move through, but wow, does it wear me out.

And he's also getting rather particular about things -- he only wants to hold my right (no ring) hand. When I hold him with my left hand he says "no ring no ring no ring" over and over.

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