Monday, December 31, 2007

Caution: brain under construction

We are noticing many dramatic developmental changes in the past week, almost as if switches have been flipped in Jack's brain.

Jack can repeat just about anything he hears, even if he only hears it once. We get greatly amused by having him sing snatches of songs -- last night he nailed "throw your weapons down," a lyric from a Neil Young song.

When we read books together, Hans or I often omit key words and have Jack say them. He has a great memory.

The biggest new thing is probably a marked improvement in his motor skills. This happily coincided with a big tub of Christmas duplo, so Jack's been building and stacking for days. He makes tall duplo trains, stacks wood blocks, and lines up and arranges objects in specific ways.

It's been a bit tough getting Jack out of his room and outside these days. Luckily Acrosports starts back up this week -- he always wants to go swing on the trapeze, so I know he'll get lots of exercise at least one day a week!

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