Monday, December 31, 2007

The monkey way

It's a sure thing: if you want Jack to listen, laugh, or stop crying, just mention monkey. His little stuffed monkey friend delights Jack to no end, and monkey gets incorporated into all kinds of fun activities. He goes to the playground, plays hide and find, helps build duplo houses, and rides on the train. He kisses away owies and snuggles in Jack's pillow nest.

Monkey also worms his way into stories and songs. Thus we have new and improved versions of:
Beatles songs, including Yellow Monkey Train, All You Need is Monkey, and Me and My Monkey (well, the latter is perfect as is)
Books that he particularly loves, such as Baby Blue Cat and the Whole Batch of Cookies, now known as Baby Blue Monkey Cat, etc.
Hotel Monkey Cat California sung at nappytime

Jack's also very likely to reply to any question with monkey for an answer. Anything from what do you want for breakfast to what day is today. Monkey, monkey, monkey!

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