Saturday, December 1, 2007

Old paint away

This is the second day of our exterior house painting project. By "our" I mean the crew we hired to scrape and paint about 1/2 the house, including the back and south side.

I'm so excited to get this done -- it's been on our "to do" list since we moved in. Sanders are buzzing like frantic bees, and scrapers are chipping away at the old paint, and Jack is napping. Most of the work is being done literally right outside his windows, and on the other side of the wall from his bed. Yesterday when I was reading to him after lunch I thought the work noise couldn't get any louder than it was at that moment, and then someone started pounding on the wall (or so it sounded). I stopped and looked at Jack and thought, "this will never work; he can't sleep through this." But he seemed nonplussed by it all, so I finished the book, snuggled up to him and sang "Hotel California," our naptime song. I hadn't even finished the second verse and he blinked once, twice, and then was asleep. The work went on, and Jack slept and slept, for 2 hours!

So maybe next week we should refinish the floors or hammer all day....

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