Monday, December 24, 2007

Sleeping 9 to 5...

what a way to make the whole family crazy!

The past week was a rough one. I got smacked with the nasty ear/nose/throat/chest virus that's been rampaging through SF, and Jack turned 2. I don't know if it was the excitement of his birthday or just that big brain of his churning, but he was a bear all week long, and I was in poor form to cope.

He slept badly (either only 8-9 hours a night) and/or woke up in the night nearly every night. In his waking hours he was alternately needy or defiant and challenging. By Friday I was fantasizing about dumping him in day care (or a toddler military school) until he starts preschool. Hans didn't escape the trials of this week either -- Jack was challenging at bedtime too.

Things are better now. Hans took Jack to the zoo on Saturday, and I got some rest. On Sunday afternoon we all had a great time at Fairyland, then came home and had a homemade pizza dinner with lots of laughter.

Jack sings more and more each day. Yesterday he sang a bit of "Let it Be," and that brought tears to my eyes.

And even during a week of turmoil, we've still had very enjoyable nap time. As soon as his lunch is over, he heads straight for his room and gets into bed. I gather up his books, bring him a cup of milk, and we snuggle and read. After a few books, I sing him the "nappytime" song (a variation of the nap time song from Yo Gabba Gabba) and then "Hotel California" and he falls asleep.

I've come to realize that parenting a toddler is a series of frequent peaks and valleys, with a few straight plains every now and then. I try to enjoy the good days, endure the bad ones, and remember that these particular challenges are only temporary.

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