Thursday, June 5, 2008

A pillow socky for bobcat

A few weeks ago, we made a pillow socky for the bobcat at Coyote Point. As you can see from the first photo, Jack was so excited that he fell asleep in the car! I wasn't sure if the staff was merely being polite when they said they "loved it," so it was a delight and a surprise to see our pillow socky in bobcat's area yesterday. I couldn't get a decent photo of both the pillow socky and bobcat, but that's her in the background, asleep. We may make another pillow socky for the coyote next!


christal said...

hey there! any tips on making my own pillowsocky?


Jane Huber said...

Hi Christal,

Sorry I didn't see your comment earlier!

We made our pillow socky by stuffing an extra sock with synthetic fill (which you can get at a craft store). Then I sewed the top shut and sewed felt shapes on for the eyes, mouth, etc. You could also use glue for the features.

Have fun!