Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Eating right out of the garden

While we were watering the vegetables this morning, Jack wanted a beet, so I pulled one up out of the dirt, washed it off, and he ate it raw standing in the garden, with beet juice running down his face. Then he ate one of our carrots! Obviously we need to plant more vegetables....

I decided to check one of the potato plants, and since I could feel a potato in the dirt, I pulled it up. Six small potatoes! I'll let the other potato plants grow much longer, but I just had to see them to believe them.

No luck at all so far with the lettuces and zucchini. Something (I'm guessing snails) eats each zucchini sprout almost immediately, and the lettuces just never got beyond tiny sprouts. I started another batch of lettuce, using fewer seeds, and I'll try the zucchini this time on the deck.

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