Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fruits (and vegetables) of our labor

Our edible garden experiments are coming along well. We've pulled a few young carrots and beets and they have been tasty, albeit small. Next year I'll thin the young plants better. We have 4 big pots with potatoes, 3 tomato plants, and newly planted lettuces and zucchini. The big surprise has been our apple trees. We planted them just over a year ago, and each has a ton of small apples. I'm not sure when to try to eat them -- many are blushing already, but I've read that the earliest apples aren't ripe until July. And they are still quite small. I guess we'll wait a bit and see.

I'm already thinking of next year and dreaming about new plants, but in the meantime I potted some herbs and installed them in our atrium, where they get a fair amount of and are out of harm's (aka slugs and snails) way.

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