Friday, November 16, 2007

Busting out

Add this to the ever expanding list of things I never knew would happen, toddler chapter: Jack is peeing so much at night (and sometimes during the day) that he is overflowing his diapers. During the day this is usually discovered when I pick him up and feel a dampness emanating from his bottom, or unfortunately when he gets up from the couch and a telltale blotch is left on the cushion. So far when his output has exceeded the limits of the diaper at night he has slept through this, but Hans and I face a total bed and pajama change in the morning when both of us are barely awake.

As usual, good tips from folks on the Glen Park Parents list include going up one diaper size, trying overnight diapers, changing him when he's asleep about 11pm, and using diaper doublers. The last suggestion seems best for us. We used these back when he was in cloth diapers, and since he still fits in the smaller size diapers, we could still use the smaller size with the doublers, which are like big maxi pads without adhesive.
Ordering them online might be the only reliable source for us, since I've been told they are stocked infrequently, and only at some Safeway stores in our area.

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