Monday, November 26, 2007

Becoming independent

In the past few weeks, my life has swung in a happier direction. Jack now plays by himself a good part of the day, so I have more free time to get chores done while he's awake. When he's napping I can read or rest or write.

Before this Jack often refused to do anything unless I did it with him, particularly in the afternoon. Cooking dinner was impossible until Hans got home, so I usually made something while Jack napped, then reheated it at dinner time. Today while I cooked dinner Jack ran back and forth from his room to the kitchen carrying toys with the assistance of small monkey (who, it turns out, also likes to color). At this moment Jack's putting toys in a bin, dumping them out, and putting them back in.

It's a joy to watch Jack grow and develop new skills. And I am more calm, rested, and present while I'm with him.

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