Thursday, December 4, 2008

The power of three

Jack has been at preschool now for three months and his third birthday is quickly approaching. Perhaps not coincidentally he seems to have suddenly grown up in many ways.

He's engaging in dramatic play for the first time. At home he shows tambourine frog how to spell and count. We pretend cook all sorts of unappetizing things with his plastic food and pots. At school he's flirting with the play kitchen more each day.

Also at school he's stopped pulling letters and numbers off the walls and cubbies. He is interested in art projects and plays with a variety of things, not just with letters and numbers.

Jack has become more open to new experiences as well. We've been hiking several times lately and he willingly walks on his own two feet more often than not.

Tantrums are becoming less frequent too -- we're enjoying a more calm and happy child, at least for now.

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