Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When it's too quiet....

The evening seemed to be going so well. Jack's day had been strange -- it took him 2 hours to fall asleep for his nap, so we anticipated a struggle at bedtime. Instead, he was rather mellow, and seemed to be asleep at 9.

But when I went in at 10 to tuck him in, I spotted a white something on the floor near his bed. My first thought was that one of his stuffed animals had suffered an industrial accident, but when I got closer I found it was a soaked diaper doubler. Oh no. I peeked under his "tent" to find a sleeping boy with his one-piece pajamas unzipped, diaper half-off, and a wet bed. We re-diapered him, changed his pajamas, put a towel under him in bed, and hoped for the best. He slept fine, and after a marathon laundry session this morning, his bed is now back in order for his nap (fingers crossed).

I talked to him about it this morning, very gently urging him not to take off his diaper at night. When he overheard me telling his grandfather about the incident, he started jumping up and down and said "mommy said not to do that again!"

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