Monday, March 10, 2008

It's not just the time change

Jack's nap is slipping from late morning to early afternoon. For some time he's been a dedicated 11:30 napper, but in the past week he hasn't been getting to sleep until about 1 or later. His morning wake up time and bedtime have stayed pretty constant, so I'm not sure where this late nap is going. Could be he's moving toward giving up his nap completely, which we've been expecting and anticipating for some time. Or maybe he's adopting a nap time closer to most kids his age?

Yesterday we went to San Pedro Valley Park in Pacifica for a few rounds of Pooh sticks. It turned out to be a good destination for this, and Jack adored finding sticks and tossing them off the 3 different bridges in the park. We saw and heard many birds, found milkmaids, plum trees, and trilliums in bloom, and enjoyed the sunny mild weather. This photo shows Jack practicing his letters, which he does constantly these days.

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