Saturday, January 19, 2008

Meet the Beatles!

Hans put together a Beatles mix cd a few weeks ago. We listen to it in Jack's room, and he loves the songs! It starts with "Good Day Sunshine" and "Here Comes the Sun," and as soon as I go into his room in the morning, Jack says "Good Day Sunshine" over and over until I turn it on. He also really enjoys "Me and My Monkey" (of course), "Fixing a Hole Where the Rain Gets in" and "Yellow Submarine".

I'm wondering what other "adult" cds he (and we) would enjoy. Is "Dark Side of the Moon" too strange for a 2-year old?

If anyone can think of good songs featuring monkeys and/or the moon, let me know....


David said...

The Monkees theme song!

David said...

Pink Moon
Nick Drake

Moonlight Mile
The Rolling Stones

Walking On The Moon
The Police

King Crimson

David said...

Ok. Moonchild is a weird choice because after a lullaby start it goes off into the kind of free improvisation that is only fun for the players, and not too interesting for the listeners.

BTW, I've loaded my suggestions in a jane folder over in my sfrog home.

johnk said...

Moonshadow -- Cat Stevens
(This is really Kerstin. I'm somehow logged in as John. Very mysterious...)