Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An easy week

Despite the steady rain that kept us housebound, this past week has been probably the easiest since Jack was born! He's been sleeping and napping well. Still eating next to nothing, but we weighed him and he's gained a pound since his checkup last month. A typical day's food intake is usually one banana, one cup of juice, a little bit of some other fruit, a small amount of dinner, and milk throughout the day. Crazy!

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Tammy said...

This age is when I had to get really creative with what I was feeding Chayse. I think she lived on hummus for a while.

also she was always to busy to eat so I would feed her while she played simply so she would eat.

and don't worry about it too much it does seem that kids can grow on air alone. (well that and goldfish)