Sunday, April 4, 2010

Garden of eating circa 2010

My onions (and there are far too many of them) are not thriving. They are about to flower but the "bulbs" are just not there. They look like giant scallions. Won't try them again.

Lots of potatoes are doing great, and check out the kale! I forgot what it was and kept thinking it was cabbage that hadn't headed yet. Using these greens quite a lot in soups. I haven't checked the garlic so that's still a question mark.

I'm out of pots and dirt, but the way the onions are (not) growing, I think I'll yank them up, maybe cook a bunch of green onion pancakes, and plant more lettuces, beets, and carrots in their places. And I need to find some time to start my tomato seeds....

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Snowbrush said...

I'm a bit further north--Eugene, Oregon--and my greens are still trying to decide whether to live or die. We've had nothing but rain in the daytime and nighttime temps in the low thirties.