Friday, February 6, 2009

Math breakthrough

Jack's been sick for the past week with a cough/gooey nose and it's been an exhausting 7 days for all of us. He stayed home from preschool and has been prone to tantrums and demanding in every way.

Today the storm broke. He's much better mentally and physically and then this afternoon -- he learned to add.

We were playing our own hybrid version of Cariboo and Chutes and Ladders and for Jack's turn he needed to add 4 and 3. So he though about it and said, "let's see... 4+1=5, 4+2=6, 4+3=7!!!" A few minutes later he successfully added 8 and 4. Then he added everything the game threw at him with little effort.

This math aptitude did not come from me. I can barely add 3 digit numbers without a calculator!

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