Thursday, July 17, 2008

Poor poor pitiful me

Out of nowhere Tuesday while eating dinner I got caught by the flu. It was so strange, one minute I was fine, the next I was sick. Yesterday I slept all day which helped a bunch, but I'm still a mess. My teeth throb, throat is raw, ears ache, nose is stuffed, and even my eyes hurt. I've had two nights of lovely fever hallucinations -- the first night it was blood dripping down the wall (a red shirt was hanging on the outside of Hans' closet) and then last night coyote-goats were pooping on Hans' side of the bed (sounds like one of Jack's dreams).

Hans may have the flu now too, but there's still hope that Jack will dodge it.


Tammy said...

Sorry to hear you guys have the flu, that really sucks. I have my fingers crossed that Jack doesn't get it.
Feel better soon

Jane Huber said...

It's all over but the sniffling! Hans is coughing, but Jack completely dodged our family illness.